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Raw Material ControlDeso Group cooperates with Borealis Chemical Industry, Hyosung Korea and other domestic and foreign raw material chemical giants. After entering the factory, raw materials are inspected through multiple processes to ensure the quality of raw materials and guarantee the quality of products from the source.

First InspectionAccording to the inspection documents and specifications, the operator inspects and confirms the appearance, size and other characteristics of the first product processed by himself. When the product meets the requirements, the operator shall submit the first product to the Quality Department for further inspection.

Self-inspectionIn each production process, the producer independently inspects and confirms the products processed by himself according to the results and standards of the first inspection.

Process controlThe inspectors inspect the quality of each process to confirm whether the luxury products produced in each process meet the requirements, and inspect whether the operators of each process carry out production in accordance with the regulations.

Finished product inspection and controlBefore each batch of products leave the factory, professional quality inspectors carry out inspection according to internal control standards, ensuring product quality reliability in terms of appearance, size, physical and chemical properties, packaging and other aspects.

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